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*** 4th Editon Released ***

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Experts across Aviation Industry say...


This one has definitely made life a lot easier for me

- Afnan Sheikh

The author has tastefully complied each page of the book which will not go unnoticed by the readers.

- Pranav Pandey

Pain has been taken to make sure the style of art and narrative is kept consistent

- Anurag Rana

Cdr Thomas Tom has done an exceedingly good job

- Biswas Nambiar

Crisp, clear, concise. No long explanations. No headaches. No wastage of time

- Maan

Just this book is enough for me now!!

- Nitin

This book is what I wanted. Very apt for revising topics with less time in hand.

- Lekshmi Nair

I cannot stress it enough how important this book can be if you are an aviator.

- Kreeshma

Why The Aviator’s Handbook?

It is the ultimate "HandBook of Knowledge" for aviators.

An indispensable & invaluable encyclopaedia that deals with all aspects of aeronautical information. Highly recommended by Aviation Experts & Pilots across the aviation industry. Use this book as a quick reference handbook of aviation knowledge or as a CPL/ATPL Exam preparatory tool. Rest assured, this will save you a lot of time.


Happy Pilots










Practice Questions

Subjects Covered

Air Regulations Aerodynamics Airframe Engines Electrics Instruments Radio & Navigation Aids Navigation Mass & Balance, Performance Meteorology Aeromedical Factors

Includes all subjects needed for Military & Civil aviation and Flying Training Schools.

Covers complete DGCA CPL / ATPL exam & Viva syllabus as per CAR 7B6.

Covers RTR (A), Viva syllabus & RT phraseology with sample Question Papers.

Chapters written in Precise, Concise & in ‘1-page per topic’ format.

Scannable QR Code for each topic - Linking to online videos for further explanation.

Topic Markers to concentrate on what you are preparing for

D DCGA exam V DGCA viva R RTR(A) exam.

Topics aided by over 450+ colour illustrations, diagrams & numerical questions.

Learn Online

Comprehensive, Structured, Flexible & Affordable DGCA exam preparation system

Complete access to all chapters & topics of the book as per DGCA syllabus CAR 7B6.

Chapter wise practise questions at the end of each topic.

Practise exams for each subject as per DGCA pattern.

Exam preparation & progress tracking tool.

Access to various downloadable resources, study material and learning tools.

Fully featured Smartphone App for easy access (coming soon).

Cdr Thomas Tom

Naval Aviator

Qualified Flying Instructor

DGCA Designated Examiner

Cdr Thomas Tom is an alumnus of RIMC (Rashtriya Indian Military College), Dehradun & NDA (National Defence Academy), Pune. He was commissioned as an officer in the Indian Navy in 2005 & was selected as a Pilot for the Maritime Reconnaissance Branch. He is a Qualified Flying Instructor, an ATPL holder & a DGCA Designated Examiner who undertakes skill-tests of Navy & Air Force pilots, for their ATPL licensing, on behalf of the DGCA.

As an accomplished Naval Aviator, he is qualified on many different aircraft types and has flown countless naval operations and multinational military exercises. He has operated extensively in many parts of the country and abroad including, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Seychelles. He has more than 17 years & 6000+ hrs of flying experience and 1800+ hrs as a Flying Instructor to date.

He is a passionate traveller and a licensed scuba diver and has keen interests in programming, photography & philosophy.

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